Nov 102011

For persons who have become disabled from injury or other problems and are now unable to work, applying for SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance)or SSI can be confusing. And the process can be different from state to state. While one can apply in either California, NY, Florida or any other state, all the states will have some differences in documentation. The application process requires patience and diligence from those unemployed people that need help paying their bills.

Adding to that is the fact that so many people who apply for SSDI and SSI can expect a denial upon the first time they apply for benefits. The majority of cases will be denied, even when the applicants have a legitimate claim. This is why it may benefit those individuals to appeal SSDI / SSI denial.

Many of those who are denied will just give up. It is easy to understand why. Imagine if you are a person who has been blinded because of an accident or a stroke. It would be difficult to fill out an SSDI application properly ! ¬†This is unfortunate, as many of those SSDI / SSI applicants really should qualify. It is just that they do not understand the process. Many of these individuals wonder if they should pay for a lawyer and get legal help with SSI and SSDI forms or denials. ¬†They also worry that they will not qualify for SSI backpay help, which many applicants need to pay off the debts that accumlated while they were unemployed, and hope for an attorneyl to steer them through the SSI process. However, the cost for legal advice can be substantial — those who likelymost need the advice cannot afford it!

One suggestion we have is to contact local organizations that offer legal aid. Many law firms offer “pro-bono” advice to those who cannot afford traditional legal services. “Pro-bono” work is volunteer work that many lawyers do for their community; attorneys are professionals who are expected to perform such work occasionally as a service to their communities. Many legal aid volunteers perform consultation on the SSDI / SSI application process, as it is one area that has a large group of underserved citizens. If you need a free lawyer for an SSDI SSI application denial, we suggest contacting either a local senior citizen or googling “legal aid” along with your city or town to find the closest agency able to help.