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Oxygen concentrators are often required by Medicare eligible seniors who have respiratory conditions such as COPD. They also might need backup oxygen tanks, masks mouthpieces and oxygen tubing. Eligible seniors will find that they can use their Medicare to lower the cost of their oxygen equipment needs through Medicare authorized oxygen suppliers in their area. Seniors often wonder which portable oxygen concentrator manufacturer or retailer is the best. Reviews of portable oxygen concentrators will be updated regularly below.

Does Medicare Cover Portable Oxygen Concentrators?

Traditional Medicare coverage will pay for 80% of the rental cost of oxygen equipment.  The type of equipment that Medicare patients often need includes portable oxygen concentrators and nebulizer machines. The senior Medicare recipient is expected to pay the 20% remaining cost, as well as whatever deductible remains on their Medicare Part B plan. Medicare authorized oxygen suppliers provide oxygen tanks and supplies to recipients.

oxygen concentratorSeniors then pay the rental cost for up to 36 months. At that point, the oxygen supplier continues to own the equipment, but rental payments on the oxygen are complete. The oxygen supplier is required to continue providing oxygen supplies and accessories.  The supplier is also required to maintain the equipment so that it works for the full 5 years. Medicare will also continue to pay for the delivery of oxygen gas to your home.

After 5 years of using oxygen equipment through your Medicare supplier, you may choose to get new equipment.  After that, the  5 year time period begins anew. Most Medicare oxygen suppliers will make patients aware of this timeline so that they can get new equipment when it is time to choose a replacement oxygen concentrator.

Popular Oxygen Concentrator Brands

Which is the lightest portable oxygen concentrator ? Which portable oxygen concentrator offers the best battery life, which batteries last longest?

Invacare Perfecto2 5 liter Oxygen Concentrator is a stationary oxygen machine that provides up to 5 liter per minute  (5LP)of  continuous oxygen

Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator—  this wheelable unit may be used in the home or pulled behind to travel. It provides up to three liters per minute oxygen (3LP).   It includes dual Lithium Ion rechargeable battery for oxygen concentrator that is replaceable. Many patients may choose to purchase additional batteries and a special oxygen concentrator battery charger.

Invacare XPO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is another easy to transport portable unit. It provides convenient oxygen for seniors on the go.

Another popular choice for those with COPD are Open-Aire Oxygen Concentrators.

Where can I find an oxygen concentrator locally? Where can I buy a portable oxygen concentrator cheaply?

It is not as simple as searching for a walmart oxygen concentrator , walgreens oxygen concentrator , or cvs oxygen concentrator. One might think that retailers which offer online presence would also provide oxygen concentrators.  Seniors may shop such sites as , , and Unfortunately, most of these products are not sold directly from such websites

However, most retail chains such as CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid will either provide such services or have contact information for a local provider.

Savvy seniors might consider utilizing major internet retailers such as to find a concentrator. However, only companies that are licensed to sell medical devices or equipment are likely to offer such products. However, Amazon will offer such items as replacement batteries for an oxygen concentrator, pull carts, etc. which may be a tremendous convenience to someone already using such a device.

How To Troubleshoot a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Where can I find help if my oxygen concentrator machine is broken?Where can I get my oxygen machine repaired? Do oxygen suppliers repair or replace broken oxygen concentrators? Why won’t my oxygen concentrator recharge my battery?

Usually it is best to contact the outlet that has provided the portable oxygen concentrator for any advice on repair, replacement,  or servicing.  One common problem is when the oxygen concentrator batteries will not hold a charge or will not recharge. Troubleshooting may be difficult for seniors. If all plugs are in and the machine is on, but the batteries are still not recharging, it may be that the lithium batteries need to be replaced.


Flying with Portable Oxygen Concentrators

When choosing a portable oxygen concentrator, seniors should also consider FAA approved devices. This is particularly important if the patient expects to travel occasionally. Seniors should choose a device that has been approved, as well as a device that has a good reputation for long battery life. This is especially important for longer plane trips.

Here is a list of several FAA approved portable oxygen concentrators.

  • Airsep offers the Airsep Freestyle 5, the Airsep Lifestyle , and the Airsep Focus
  • Delphi RS 00400
  • Oxus RS 00400
  • Inogen One, G2 and Inogen One G3
  • Sequal Eclipse and Sequal SAROS
  • Inova Labs Lifechoice Activox
  • Respironics Everygo and Respironics Simplygo
  • Invacare XPO2 and Invacare Solo 2

A more complete list of approved FAA portable oxygen concentrators is available here.