Oct 072011

Eligible seniors can apply for a 2012 Medicare Advantage supplement insurance plan soon. Enrollment begins on October 15th, 2011 for all 2012 Medicare Advantage plans.This yearly enrollment period runs through December 7th, 2011. Seniors that are about to turn 65 can also apply two months prior to age 65 and through the next 5 months regardless of the time of year. 

Seniors who wish to enroll in Medicare Advantage Supplement insurance plans should consider their individuals needs and preferences. Most of those who wish to apply for medicare advantage supplement plans or medigap plans will usually fall into two categories. Those who wish to have less out of pocket costs for care and those seniors who wish to retain choices over which doctor or hospital that they see.

What type of senior are you? Do you wish to choose your doctor? Or do you wish to not have to worry about unforeseen costs? HMO provide peace of mind from a catastrophic perspective, but may actually cost more in monthly premiums. However, many seniors will be able to budget this cost in.

Seniors who wish to have close-ended costs may wish to consider HMO (health maintenance organization) style companies, while those who wish to choose their own doctor might want to have a PPO (preferred provider organizations).  Regardless of style of plan that a senior desires, it is important to remember the December 7th deadline for enrollment. Seniors that miss this deadline might find it difficult to have coverage for the 2012 year.







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