Oct 072011

The 2012 Medicare enrollment period for seniors interested in Medicare Supplement (Medigap) insurance plans is underway, and seniors can now find and compare premium rate quotes and coverage differences amongst Medicare Part C plans in their area. Plans will vary widely depending upon which state and county a person lives, so residents of New York State will need to search for plans specific to their zip code.

Seniors living in New York will find that there are many resources where they can find out the plans offered in their area. One of the best resources is the New York State Insurance Department website (see our links section for more information). This site lists the different plans offered from major insurance companies like Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, AARP (UnitedHealth Plan), Sterling and others.

Seniors in NY should compare Medigap and Medicare Supplement plans by using the above site. The NYSID website will denote each plan with a letter. Each company that offers that same “letter” plan will have the same basic coverage. This makes it much easier to compare based on the cost of premiums. Seniors can then find a Medigap Medicare Part C insurance supplement plan that best meets their budget.

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