Oct 052011

Medicare Advantage insurance plans (sometimes called Medigap plans) are private insurance plans offered through insurance companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield Anthem, Cigna, Aetna and Humana.  Seniors can find and compare these Medicare advantage insurance plans by searching for these companies.  Medicare Advantage plans  (ie Medigap) add to a senior’s primary government sponsored Medicare A and B health coverage plans.


This is why Medigap plan are sometimes referred to as Medicare “C.”  It blends with the government portion of a senior’s Medicare part B coverage and helps to defray uncovered costs (or “bridge the gap” between covered and uncovered portion’s of a senior’s medical care).

Medicare A covers hospital only expenses, while Medicare B offers coverage toward doctor bills and lab work. While Medicare itself covers a large portion of the cost, the uncovered amount for seniors can be substantial. This is why many seniors consider a Medicare advantage plan to be helpful in protecting from financial hardship, and thus providing peace of mind for seniors worried about devastating financial costs from illness.

Medicare D plans are plans that are offered through private insurance companies that provide a prescription drug benefit. These plans are government subsidized plans which provide both for help with routine drug costs as well as a catastrophic benefit.



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