Oct 042011

Seniors that are trying to find rate quotes for Medicare supplement Insurance for 2012 will find that there are many resources for this information. When shopping for Medigap plans, large insurers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, Cigna and Aetna will all be offering plans. Search for Medigap plans with a variety of price points depending on what state the senior resides in. Coverages will vary, allowing seniors to choose the services they most desire at a price that will fit their social security budget.

Seniors may wish to search for Aetna, Humana, Cigna or Aetna using a web browser, or even go directly to the insurers’ websites to see what sorts of offers are available to Medicare eligible seniors over the age of 65.  It is important to consider all of the plan offerings, including premium cost and coverage before choosing a plan. Some plans may offer a combination with a Medicare D plan as well. Combining a regular Medicare supplement plan with Medicare D coverage may offer some seniors convenience as well as protection and peace of mind.  Medicare advantage plans such as these are readily available for seniors.  We encourage all seniors that are eligible to shop around a find a medicare advantage plan that fits their budget.

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