Oct 102011

Medicare recipients often wonder “Does Medicare cover hearing aids? Will Medicare pay for glasses?” They also worry about having to pay for durable medical equipment like wheelchairs. Hearing aids and eyeglasses can be quite expensive, so it is no wonder that senior Medicare recipients worry about these types of costs. They can really add up!

For the most part, Medicare does not cover eyeglasses or contact lenses for seniors. There are some exceptions for seniors that have had a procedure like a surgery for cataracts or a lens implant. If you have had this type of procedure, then Medicare can help pay for eyeglasses or contact lenses (this is even for those that had surgery prior to enrolling in Medicare). Medicare will only cover a single pair of glasses or contacts, and they must be ordered by a physician and provided by a supplier that is enrolled with Medicare.

Seniors that are eligible for these eyeglasses will need to note that Medicare will only cover a standard frame. These will not likely be the most stylish frames, and many seniors might wish to choose a better frame. Medicare recipients will need to pay for twenty percent of the approved amount of a standard frame only — although seniors may upgrade their choice at their own cost.