Oct 112011

Seniors that are Medicare eligible and shopping for 2012 Medicare Advantage Plans might wish to check out plans in their area for the best 2012 plans that offer lower premium per month options. Insurance companies such as AARP, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Humana and Cigna all will be offering Medicare Advantage plans for 2012, beginning on October 15th, 2011.

That is almost here! These insurers will offer a wide range of options. These options will be different depending on your city and state. It might be best to go the individual insurance company websites to get exact prices. Each website will ask for relevant data, such as your zip code and coverage needs.

For instance, a person living in Ft Lauderdale, FL looking to find a plan with lower monthly premiums might consider the AARP MedicareComplete Choice Plan, which is a regional PPO plan offered. This plan actually has ZERO cost per month to Medicare recipients. This plan also offers a Medicare D plan as well, so that a senior living in Ft. Lauderdale would have very comprehensive plan. This plan would cover the patient anywhere in the United States and limit yearly out of pocket expenses to $6,000 if the patient stays in the network (goes up to ten thousand for out-of-network choices). This plan may be quite attractive to Medicare recipients living in this area of Florida.

If the senior lives in Los Angeles, CA plans from AARP is available as an HMO plan ( AARP MedicareComplete Secure Horizons) and also has ZERO costs per month!