Oct 102011

Many Medicare recipients wanting to enroll in affordable Medicare Advantage plans or looking to find a Medicare supplement product are
trying to find health coverage for less. While living on a fixed income, it is important to enroll in a Medicare plan that offers value, to keep costs down and get the best health coverage for the least cost possible. This is of course every senior’s goal.

Medicare recipients would do well to begin searching out plans, as the yearly enrollment period for 2012 Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans begins on October 15th this year. The Medicare enrollment period ends this year on December 7th, 2011, so it is imperative that seniors who wish to be covered have enrolled at that time. This deadline can be daunting, as it really only gives Medicare recipients a few short months to find the plan that best suits their needs.

When searching for health coverage for seniors (be that person the recipient or that person’s family or friend trying to help), it is important to focus on that person’s goals. Is the ability to “choose my doctor,” important to the person? Or is it mainly about protecting from outsize cost? If a person is keen on keeping their doctor, it may be best to find what plans that the doctor generally accepts, and begin the search there.