Feb 262012
Many seniors on a fixed income will find that even Medicare will not pay for all of the care that they need and that the premiums and deductibles are unaffordable. Often, patients that are very ill require many medications and the Medicare Part D prescription copays are too high. These recipients may indeed qualify for additional help from their state. In most states, these programs are referred to as Medicaid (follow our links to state medicaid application forms). If you are a resident of California, that state’s program is called Medi Cal (follow our site’s links to your county Medi Cal application forms for additional information).

Medicaid and Medi Cal both will allow those who cannot otherwise afford care to see their doctor. Those who have avoided going for routine preventative care who qualify for Medicaid will be best served to use the care for preventative health services. Often, a condition that goes untreated will cause problems that will grow over time, endangering that person’s health and possibly their life.

Many seniors might struggle with contacting their state’s medicaid office out of a feeling of embarrassment or shame. It is important to realize that, if you need help for care and cannot pay for it, there is no shame in seeking the help you need to care for yourself and keep yourself healthy.