Oct 272011

The 2012 Medicare enrollment period is underway, and as of October 15th, seniors in Florida are able to begin to compare Medigap plans from insurance companies such as Sterling, Mutual of Omaha, and Hartford. It can be difficult to compare the plans, but the state of Florida has a website that seniors can search to compare medicare supplement plans. If you are interested in2012 Mutual of Omaha Medigap information, read on.

We’ve tried to help. If you are a 68 year old male smoker living in Miami- Dade Florida, the cheapest plan offered by Mutual of Omaha for you would be. $3375 and the most expensive from that company would be $4816.

Looking at plans offered from Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Co, we find the cheapest plan for this man would be $2361 (the exact same plan costs $3600 from Mutual of Omaha!) and most expensive coverage would be $3400. This shows that there can be great cost differences between plans, so seniors need to look carefully before making a decision.

Another consideration is that a non-smoker would save $700 on the Plan A offered by Mutual of Omaha, just for not smoking! Seniors who smoke could save a lot of money if they would stop smoking. The costs of the plan AND the money saved in cigarettes and smoking related health costs would be huge. Seniors who wish to stop smoking could enroll in a smoking cessation clinic to help lower their medigap policy costs!

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