May 182012

Hearing aids can be quite expensive, so it is easy to understand why seniors will try to find out how to repair a hearing aid.   There are some ways that simple problems with a hearing aid unit can be repaired by the owner. Other times, it may be necessary to have a professional help with the repair.  And, unfortunately, a hearing aid is like any other electric appliance in that one day it will need to be replaced.

Proper maintenance will ensure that Medicare recipients do not have to buy a hearing aid until it is either absolutely necessary — or financially expedient. Those who wish to have the latest technologies (ie the highest quality sound, the most refined and most technologically advanced hearing aids) may trade  hearing aids in more often than those with more limited fixed incomes.

Clean ears help hearing aid function

First, let’s take a moment to discuss in depth the sort of general maintenance that any deaf or hearing impaired senior can do to get the most use out of their hearing aid.

Simple hearing aid repairs that anyone can do

  • Wax removal  — One of the most common repairs is a simple maintenance issue. Many seniors may think that their hearing aid is broken, when instead it is only clogged with cerumen (ear wax).  Wax may be cleaned off with a soft cloth. Sometimes, hearing aids come with an earpiece guard that will prevent wax from clogging the unit. Some seniors might want to buy hearing aid covers to protect their unit. Many retailers offer these types of hearing aid sleeves


  • Fix your ears — Have your ears cleaned of wax occasionally by a licensed professional


  • Power Up — it could be just a dead battery — consider purchasing a hearing aid battery checker from companies like Acu-life.  Find out how to change the hearing aid battery for your unit.  Hearing aid batteries can be purchased from many retailers.  It is important to know the exact model number of the hearing aid battery that you are using.


Find hearing aid repair nearby

Sometimes, a hearing aid user will need to call in a professional . In this case, seniors will need to search for an audiologist and try to get an estimate for hearing aid repair.

For instance, a  search of local audiologists in Tampa Bay, FL gives a senior a list of available  people to help with broken hearing aids in the Tampa Bay Florida area.

It is important not to try to open the hearing aid and fix it unless you are a professional. Opening and “tinkering” with the hearing aid could render it useless.

What kind of hearing aid batteries does my hearing aid use?

Hearing Aid Manufacturers                                                  Hearing Aid Battery Manufacturers

Siemens Hearing Aid                                                                          Energizer size 13

Phonak                                                                                                      Rayovac size 10

Resound                                                                                                   Duracell size 312

Unitron                                                                                                     Chain Pharmacy Brands

Sonic                                                                                                                     Walgreens Premium Hearing Aid Battery 675

Widex                                                                                                                    CVS Hearing Aid Batteries size 10

Starkey                                                                                                      Walmart

Oticon                                                                                                              (sells mercury free Sony  hearing aid batteries size 10, 13, 312)

How to change a hearing aid battery