Oct 172011
Trying to find cheap diabetic shoes through Medicare?  Want help to find things like diabetic inserts for women (or men)
that are affordable? Many Medicare recipients wonder if Medicare will pay for shoes, contact lenses, glasses or hearing aids.

In many instances, Medicare Part B WILL pay for these things, provided that the Medicare recipient meet defined criteria.
First, the patient must have a condition that warrants the medical equipment. For diabetic shoes, this would mean that the patient has is a diabetic and has a history of foot problems, such as a past ulcerations, a partial amputation or foot deformity. ¬†Then the diabetic patient’s phyisician must order the shoes or diabetic foot insert for the patient. Finally, the patient must seek out a Medicare approved supplier to fulfill the order for the shoes for diabetics.

Get Cheap Diabetic Shoes From Medicare Part B Coverage, Find Help for Affordable Diabetic Inserts for Women