Jan 052013

Patients who have had a colostomy or ileostomy  surgery need colostomy supplies. Popular supplies like Convatec and Hollister colostomy products are available online from many suppliers who will deliver Convatec colostomy bags directly to their doorstep. Patients will want to be able to find the correct Hollister ostomy supplies, be they pouches or bags, at a cheap price. There are many online vendors who will bill and accept Medicare Part B for colostomy and ostomy supplies.  Most will sell a variety of products, including adhesives.

Seniors who wish to order ostomy supplies online from a vendor will need to make sure that the company is a Medicare authorized supplier. If so, Medicare will cover 80 percent of the APPROVED cost of the supplies. This would mean that the patient is expected to pay 20% of the approved cost for the Hollister or Convatec ostomy supplies.

Some ostomy supplies that people may be looking for could include:


Convatec Colostomy Bag Products

One Piece Colostomy Bags
Convatec ActiveLife Closed End Pouches that are disposable. These are “one time use” pouches.
Convatec One Piece Conves Drainable Open End Pouch (with Invisiclose) which are reusable and patient drain after filled
Convatec Activelife Convex Urostomy Pouch which has a tap to drain when full

Two-Piece Colostomy Bags (these products  use a plastic coupling ring)
Sur-Fit Natura or Auto-Lock Two Piece Closed-End Colostomy Pouch or Drainable Reusable Pouch

The two piece Convatec products need to be used with a Convatec Adhesive Barriers in either the Sur-Fit or Durahesive Options. Some of the barriers have new “Moldable” technology for added comfort and secure fit to the patient’s stoma.

Hollister Colstomy Bag Products

Premier Colostomy Bags are a one piece pouch that provides the skin barrier and pouch together.

— New Image Ostomy Bags are a two piece Colostomy bag that has a separate barrier for the skin and a colostomy pouch.

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