Oct 252011

Many seniors have incontinence problems or conditions which make require the use of incontinence supplies. If you are searching for a way to find cheap indwelling silicone foley catheters, you might consider any number of online suppliers. However, it will be important to make certain that these suppliers are authorized to bill Medicare Part B, to help keep the price affordable for you, whatever french size foley catheter you need.

Generally, Medicare will only cover the use of foley catheters and urinary leg or night bags if you have been diagnosed with condition of permanent incontinence or permanent problems of urinary retention. Once a senior has this diagnosis, their doctor can write a prescription for the need incontinence supplies.  Present this presciption to the authorized supplier for the foley catheter or leg bag, then expect to pay 20% of the approved Medicare amount. Medicare will pay the final 80 percent of the approved amount for the urological supplies.

What is a foley cather? Well, it is a thin tube usually made of silicone that is threaded up into the bladder, and allows urine to drain out into a bag such as a leg bag (smaller and more convenient for seniors on the go) or a night bag (larger).  There are many types of catheters, such as triple lumen , council tip or coude.  Foley catheters and leg drain bags are available from several suppliers, including Liberty Medical and