Oct 142011

Medicare eligible seniors who have trouble walking may be thinking about purchasing a new motorized wheelchair from retailers like Amazon or Walmart, while other may try to save money by trying to find a  used motorized wheelchair on Craigslist or Ebay .  Many will have seen commercials for a Hover Round power wheelchair or other similar style powered scooters to assist seniors in mobility.

These advertisements may have them thinking about whether Hover Round is the best power wheelchair for seniors available.  These scooters and wheelchairs will be particularly useful for seniors who live in a one story or ranch-style home as stairs will not be an issue.   Seniors who purchase a a powered wheelchair or scooter may also want to find vans for wheelchairs or scooters. Such vehicles for the disabled are a great help in easing the use of powered scooters or wheelchairs.

 Most Popular Motorized Wheelchairs

There are a range of options available.  A quick review of popular models include:

  • Invacare Pronto
  • Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair
  • Pride Mobility Jazzy 600


Motorized wheelchairs may provide patients that are unable to walk or stand easily much greater freedom and independence.  It may be very useful for a senior to be able to perform weekly duties such as shopping for groceries or attending church.  This is an important consideration, as homebound seniors are much more likely to feel weakened social ties and develop depression.  Scooters provide mobility that allows seniors to continue to enjoy ties to the community.

basic  power wheelchair model is usually covered by Medicare, if it is necessary per a doctor’s orders. This may make it easier for Medicare eligible seniors to afford a new motorized wheelchair.  Some models that Walmart sells include such power wheelchairs as the Heartway Vital Power Wheelchair and the Shoprider Smartie Power wheelchair. Drive Medical power mobility also offers several models at Walmart.  If new is difficult to afford, why not try looking to find Craiglist used power wheelchair offerings? Used Motorized wheelchairs are often sold on sites like Craigslist or a similar listing site such as Ebay. These used power wheelchairs can be much cheaper than a new wheelchair although some may be in need of repair.

Used Wheelchair Van Handicap Conversion Powered Lifts

Now that a used power wheelchair has been found, seniors will need an easy way to get the motorized wheelchair to your destination whether Ft. Lauderdale, FL or Scotsdale, AZ. The easiest way to do this is to find a used wheelchair van that has a power lift that can lift up a motorized wheelchair or a powered scooter up into the van or down to the parking surface.

Seniors that have the means can consider purchasing a new van and having a wheelchair van handicap conversion done. There are numerous companies that offer conversions of almost every van offered.  Here is a list of common vehicles that may be converted into a  motorized wheelchair van.

  • 2008 Toyota Sienna Minivan Wheelchair Conversion
  • 2009 Honda Odyssey Van Wheelchair Conversion with powered Wheelchair lift
  • 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan Wheelchair Handicap Conversion
  • 2011 Chrysler Town and Country Wheelchair Handicap Van
  • VMI Northstar Conversion Ramp
  • BraunAbility Rampvan Conversion