Dec 012011

People who have been diagnosed with diabetes will realize after talking with their doctor (or diabetic educator) how important it is to protect their feet. Many diabetics who ignore foot care will develop ulcerations or foot infections that can lead ultimately to loss of a foot.   For this reason, diabetics will want to consider being fitted for diabetic shoes.

As many diabetics begin to develop numbness in the feet, it can be difficult to know that a show does not fit properly, or that it is damaging the foot.  Diabetic shoes can provide comfort and protect the feet from injury — the type of problems that regular shoes can cause. Also, diabetic socks can make it virtually impossible for a patient to get a blister, which is also an important consideration.

There are numerous outlets that sell leading brands of these types of socks and shoes.  Some of the most popular brands of diabetic socks are FootSmart, Orthofeet, and Sensifoot.  Most retailers will sell pairs of these special socks for diabetics for under $10 dollars a pair.

Diabetic shoes are more expensive, but in some cases Medicare pays for diabetic shoes .

 In cases where a patient can not get Medicare to pay for, or wishes to have multiple pairs at one time, some popular brands of diabetic shoes include Apex, Drew, Etonic, Orthofeet and Advance.  Most offer shoes that are therapeutic, and many will be able to be used with orthotics.

It is imperative to find a pair that fits well — it’s ok to find a stylish pair, ladies, but still, it is essential that the shoes do not pinch or rub the toes. And while many times a slip on style of diabetic shoe will look elegant, most will find that adjustable closure shoes will fit best.