Mar 122012

Many seniors are worried about upcoming changes to 2013 Medicare Advantage plans and the outlook for Medicare recipients in the coming years.  Coverage changes are very possible as the federal government has struggled to find ways to cut expenditures. Because of the political climate in the United States, reimbursement to health care providers is already under pressure. It is very likely that overall coverages will change little for recipients in 2013, as any changes would require an agreement between Democratic and Republican opponents during an election year.  

The real concern will be when the election has finished and the elected officials in each respective branch are sworn after January. Any real changes would likely occur in 2014.

President Obama has submitted a budget that expects saving in Medicare from automatic cuts of up to 27 percent to health care providers.  These cuts will occur if Medicare’s outdated reimbursement schedule is not reformed. These providers may stop or limit the amount of Medicare patients that they see. So, the more immediate danger to recipients is a decrease in choice and the number of providers in their area.  This should concern any senior, regardless of whether they use Blue Cross Blue Shield AARP, Sterling, Aetna or others.

We will continue to update our readers about any changes to 2013 Medicare Advantage plans as they come.