Oct 282011

Residents of Miami-Dade county in the state of Florida should be aware of the massive differences in costs between Medigap plans from insurance companies offerings for Plan A type Medicare supplement plans this coming year. We have been trying to find and compare rate quotes for people depending on their individual situation, and have found that there is quite a bit of variety in plans offered from Liberty National Life Insurance Company.

For a Florida state female smoker living in Miami Dade County, National Life is offering a Medigap A plan at a cost of $2727. They also offer an “N” plan at the cost of $3344. As a means of comparison, the “A” plan is offered for $3516 by State Mutual Insurance and for $2362 by Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company. Additionally, the “B” plan offered by Liberty National is $3712, compared to the “B” plan offered by Humana at $3739.

It is important to compare plans directly by their letter designation (ie compare “A”plans amongst each other and “B” plans amongst other “B” plans). This is the only way to get an apples-to-apples comparison that makes sense. If you would like more plan information, try checking the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation website. It offers a searchable database.