Sep 302011
Seniors looking for enrollment periods for Medicare and when to sign up for Medigap Insurance plans will find that there are many sources for that information, but basically, a person’s enrollment period begins three months prior to age 65 and continues for seven months. If a person misses their enrollment period, they will have to enroll during the “general enrollment period” for medicare that runs from January 1st through March 31st each year.

Upon deciding to enroll in a Medicare plan, seniors must consider what type of plan that the senior needs.  Is the retiree looking mainly for a Medicare plan that will help paying medical bills from doctor visits? Is the senior looking for a more comprehensive plan that will allow for a combination of medical visit coverage, but also a Medicare D prescription drug plan ? Does the patient want a Medigap plan, wherein the senior will have help paying the bills that the Medicare plan doesn’t cover.

After deciding upon plan types, seniors might wish to check the Medicare website for more information about Medicare.  This website is actually quite easy to navigate, with large writing and well thought out “frequently asked questions” and clickable buttons.