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May 2012 UPDATE: Medicare recipients often are confused about whether medicare covers dentist visits or pays for fillings or crowns. Any senior who has had to pay for a bridge or dental implant — or have an extraction that requires dentures — will hope to receive help from Medicare. Unfortunately, it is rare for  Medicare B to cover dental benefits such as dental cleanings and exams. It also does not usually pay for dental plates or repairs.

Medicare A will sometimes cover “complicated” dental procedures if a senior’s condition necessitates that care while the senior is in the hospital. Even when services are required that are not covered by Medicare A, if a recipient is in the hospital to have the procedure done, then Medicare Part A will pay for the hospital stay itself.   For seniors that need to have a dental crown or multiple repairs outside of a hospital visit, dental treatment costs can mount.

Medicare recipients who want Medicare Advantage plans with dental coverage in Mobile Alabama should ask their Medicare Advantage insurance plan representative about adding dental coverage. Many Advantage plans such as this Aetna Advantage plan with dental  do offer this type of coverage for an additional charge, often for less than 20 dollars per month. In many instances, this may provide a useful benefit for those looking for cheap dental coverage for seniors.

Why are Dentures Important for Medicare Patients’ Health?

Oral health is an important part of any individual’s health, and seniors are no exception. Problems with the gums can precipitate other medical conditions. For instance, most do not realize that the bacteria that cause gingivitis can precipitate problesm with the heart.Additionally, simple problems with chewing can lead to nutritional problems. A person who has difficulty chewing with often steer clear of whole fruits and vegetables — the cornerstone of a nutritious diet. Eschewing these foods for easier to chew starches and less nutrient dense foods can lead to any number of metabolic conditions. For this reason, seniors need to have the ability to chew properly to maintain their health. Another frequent chewing problem seniors have are when they have problems with dentures fitting correctly.

Dentures MUST Fit Properly

Dentures must fit properly for a senior to be able to chew effectively. There are numerous products available in stores that can help alleviate some types of problems: for instance how to stop dentures slipping or rubbing when a person chews.  Slipping and rubbing is a common problem with dentures that can lead to gum soreness from dentures. Denture adhesives are very popular for this reason. Denture adhesives can be purchased from stores like Walmart or Target or drugstores like CVS or Walgreens. Popular  denture adhesives  include Sea Bond or Fixodent.  In the meantime, denture wearers can utilize otc medications like regular strength acetaminophen (Tylenol) or topical products like Ambesol to manage soreness.



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