Oct 132011

The 2012 enrollment period is nearly here, so Medicare recipients trying to find 2012 Medicare supplement price quotes and online rates for Medigap and Medicare Advantage should be doing research on the plans offered in their area.  Medicare supplement price quotes can be found by searching the major insurer websites (such as Blue Cross Blue Shield and AARP). Plan will vary depending upon where the senior lives. Another resource for seniors is the medicare website which has a Medicare Plan Finder (see our links under Medicare Advantage Resources).

Medicare supplement prices are going to be higher for some companies, while others will be dropping. ┬áMany industry experts have pointed out how dramatic the differences can be between otherwise similar plans. Medicare members that don’t compare their Medigap plan to othesr being offered may find that they don’t actually have the best priced plan for the coming year.

Medicare supplement and Medigap are policies that aim to bridge the gap between traditional Medicare and costs that Medicare doesn’t cover. Medicare Advantage plans combine Medicare with an HMO style, managed care coverage. There are many rumors that the federal government might phase out many Medicare Advantage plans in the coming years, as the costs of caring for seniors has gone up. If this happens, then Medicare recipients may have to move toward coverage for Medicare supplements and Medigap policies.


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