Oct 192011

If you are someone who is obese and finds that a regular bed is not feasible, you may wish to consider a “bariatric”
hospital bed, which is a bed designed for those who are overweight and need long term bed rest to recover from
surgeries or other ailments.

Many diabetics suffer from obesity and there are other conditions that may cause a person to
gain a lot of weight that will complicate their recovery. This aids people in complying with their doctors’ orders to stay off of their feet. It may also lessen healing time and prevent surgical complications. If someone is comfortable in their bed, they are less likely to be up and to pull stitches out, re-injure the surgical area or aggravate the wound.

Insurance companies like Humana or Cigna may be loathe to pay for a bariatric hospital bed, but if your doctor can certify that you have a legitimate medical need, and you are diligent in getting together the required paperwork, many insurance companies will cover an electric adjustable bed for you. Medicare part B also may cover this durable medical equipment subject to the condition warranting such a bed. In this case, it would be important to make certain that the supplier is an authorized Medicare supplier.

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